Buy A House in Arvada City, Get a Free Vacation!

When you close on a house in Arvada City, you get a free vacation!  But that’s not the only thing this beautiful city has to offer.  Largely a commuter town to both Denver and Boulder, Arvada City offers close proximity to large cities while still maintaining a suburban charm.

Here’s a quick look at what Arvada City has to offer:

  •             Median household income $66,125
  •             Population 111.707
  •             Elevation 5,344 ft.
  •             Located 7 miles northwest of Denver
  •             Moderate Climate with well-defined seasons
  •             Public Transportation Services to and from Denver via rail and bus
  •             Performing Arts Center
  •             Seasonal Farmer’s Market

Parks, Trails, and Open Space

Arvada City takes great pride in its abundance of outdoor activities, and family-friendly living.  Arvada features several outdoor venues for the nature enthusiast of all ages.  The City of Arvada is constantly updating its networks of parks and trails.  Currently, Arvada offers the following outdoor activities:    

  •             125 miles of hiking and biking trails
  •             Over 90 neighborhood parks
  •             Dedicated wildlife viewing areas open to the public

Majestic View Community Park and the Nature Center

        The Majestic View Community Park encompasses more than 80 acres of land, which includes lake and wetland areas.  The Nature Center adjacent to the park offers countless activities and classes for all ages that are both fascinating and educational.  Like the other outdoor venues offered in Arvada, Majestic View Community Park has so much to offer residents and visitors, including:

  •             A beautiful demonstration garden
  •             Interpretive trails
  •             Prairie grasses and wildlife species
  •             Bird walks and bird watching tours
  •             Nature art classes

Equestrian Friendly

        Arvada City offers several amenities specific to the equestrian community.  There are miles of horse-only trails, and a 50 acre public equestrian center.  The equestrian center is free and open to the public at any time.  There is also a new indoor equestrian center that offers limited public hours and equestrian education classes.  If you’re a horse enthusiast, Arvada City is the perfect place to buy a house, and you get a free vacation!  

Performing Arts, Scenic Train Routes, and Community Activities

        Arvada offers many venues for community involvement outside of the outdoor activities.  The Arvada Center for the arts features an impressive line-up of musicals and plays every year.  From popular titles to regional collaborations, the Arvada Center is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.

The city also has a seasonal farmer’s market that runs from May through the end of October.  It’s a great place for community members to find unique, home-grown products and support the local economy.

Finally, Arvada is one of the stops on the Amtrak California Zephyr line.  This route is one of the most popular rail routes in the United States.  It passes through the heart of the scenic Rocky Mountains daily, with full Amtrak baggage services available at nearby Denver Union Station.

Arvada has so much to offer anyone looking to buy a house.  When you use Best Real Estate Professional you can be certain that, not only will you find the perfect home, but by closing with one of our top Realtors, you’ll also get a free vacation!  Your dream home is waiting for you here.  Let us show you what Arvada has to offer!   

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